I. & T. TZITZIKLIS - Clay Bricks and Roof Tiles Factory

The name TZITZIKLIS is connected to ceramics/brickfield. Five generations of ceramists create tradition.

At our establishment we produce clear bricks, solid bricks, perforated bricks, divided bricks, handmade bricks, handmade ceramics, like ceramic plates, furrows and handmade roof tiles, byzantine roof tiles and materials for restoration, all made from clean clay.

Our products combine durability with aesthetics and are a combined by a quality certificate C.E. Continuous technical controls are done at the laboratory of checking material and quality of Central Macedonia, at the building materials laboratory of the Aristotle's University of Thessaloniki, Department of Civil Engineering, via EVETAM company and additional chemical analysis at the DEMOCRITUS Institute, department of Material Science.

We provide immediate service at all demands for the production of materials essential in restorations. More specifically, we have the ability to produce true copies of products no longer available, which makes us a reliable provider of products which are really hard to find but which are common at older constructions.

Our steady customers in Greece and abroad(USA, Germany, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia) are the biggest proof of the quality we ensure.

Love for ceramics inspires us for creativity!